written by Mo
written by Mo

How To Pick A Champagne Diamond Ring: Behind the Ring Process

At Engage Studio we specialize in bringing ring fantasies to life. That dream ring you’ve been imagining for as long as you can remember, the one that’s a mix of different pins on your Pinterest board?

We can make that happen.

“How?” I hear you ask…because we are the experts in actual custom jewelry—uniquely designed by you; intricately crafted by us.

Not convinced yet?

Take a walk with us behind the scenes, down memory lane, to a recent champagne diamond ring ring journey we’ve had the pleasure of being involved in.

It starts with the stone

If you’ve read any of our blog posts or watched any of our YouTube videos you’ve probably picked up on the emphasis we place on seeing and comparing stones in real time before making a selection.

Our couple knew they wanted a champagne-colored oval diamond and after looking at their curated selection of stones that varied in clarity, colour, cut and carat (learn more on the 4Cs here), they picked this beauty.

Champagne color oval diamond

(More than) One Direction

The next step on their journey to their dream ring was figuring out the design concept. There were some things that were must haves- like setting baguette cut diamonds on the sides, and some that they needed to visualise before deciding — like the stone orientation.

This brings us to the next stop on our journey…the 3D renderings.

And because illustrations don’t always show you what a design will look like on your hand, we have our trusty resins to give you a 4D rendition of your design. The best way to describe the purpose of a resin is by comparing the ring making process to art. Sketching is to painting as resins are to finished rings.

They help you figure out if you like what you see before the design is set in stone and cast in gold – yellow gold in this case. 


resin models of oval engagement ring
engagement rings resin model

One of One

At the end of this journey our clients had a beautiful masterpiece that they created themselves. From sketch to finished art, they were the designers, we just helped bring their vision to life.

The result? A ring as unique as their love story.

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