written by Mariam
written by Mariam

Family Ring Ideas: Reversible Rings

gemstone rings, ruby, aquamarine, alexandrite

Family is everything, we designed this piece to reflect that. Each of us, depending on the month that we are born, have a unique birthstone and color. Some of months have more than one birthstone associated with them! Here’s a chart to help you figure out yours.

gemstone birthstone chart

Family first

Family reversible ring with aquamarine, peridot, diamond

We wanted to think of a seamless and fashionable way to help our clients incorporate their family’s unique birthstones into everyday jewelry.

Our hope is that they could wear their family colors with pride and joy! 

When the diamonds are facing up it certainly takes on a more classic look. While keeping the gemstones more personal. This takes on a “peek-a-boo” effect as the gemstones will only be flashed as she waves her hands while talking or engaging.

Gemstones facing up are much more bold and vivid and the colors take on their own dynamic. Much like the mix of personalities in one’s family!

The options are endless

We can design the ring in 14K or 18k gold, colors white, yellow or rose as well as platinum. You can read more about the different metal options here

Keep in mind if you choose a yellow or rose gold, the colored gemstones will take on a whole new color story and combination with the color enhancement of the metal itself!

yellow gold family rings, gemstone sapphire, ruby

The ring can be designed with diamonds going halfway or eternity style. However, the eternity style, where stones go all the way around the ring, cannot be sized.

If you want this option and would like to surprise her let us know, as we have creative gift cards that we can personally design for you as a placeholder.

Finally, the ring can be designed with a number of different sizes in mind, starting at 2mm each and up. Any configuration can be made with lab grown diamonds or natural diamonds.

The starting cost for the family reversible is $1750 and up. The price depends on the size of diamonds you choose, as well if you favor halfway or eternity.

gemstone rings, alexandrite, aquamarine, emerald, peridot

Contact us today at 416.491.6060 and we would be happy to see how we can bring your very unique story and ring to life!

With love,

The Engage Studio Team


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