written by Mo
written by Mo

How to Clean Your Engagement Ring at Home

If you’re wearing your engagement ring 24/7/365, chances are that your ring isn’t sparkling like it once did.

This is no fault, or reflection of the quality, of the ring. Soap and lotion build-up over time will make any stone look dull. Leaving your precious ring, of great sentimental value like that, however, is doing it a disservice.

So, like your teeth, you actually can clean it at home to keep it shiny!

This is where we come in. Follow these steps to restore your ring to its former glory.

What you’ll need:


  Mr Clean

  Baby toothbrush

How To:

Step 1: Pour a cup of boiling water

Step 2: Add a teaspoon of Mr Clean, the ammonia in this will dissolve the grease

Step 3: Gently drop your ring in the cup and leave in for 5 minutes


Step 4: Take the ring out when the water has cooled down and use a baby toothbrush to clean any buildup between the prongs, in the under-gallery and on the inner part of the band.

Step 5: Rinse the ring in a cup of cold water

Maintenance Tips

  1. All our rings come with lifetime cleaning! If your engagement ring was created with us, feel free to drop it off for a complementary deep professional clean.
  2. When you’re not wearing it – store it in a jewellery box or on a plate (out of the way in the same location).
  3. Don’t remove your rings in public or just anywhere at home.
  4. Don’t sleep with your ring on. Our fingers swell when we sleep, especially with a bun in the oven! (We’ve actually had to cut some of our clients’ rings off)
  5. For the same reason, don’t work out in your ring.
  6. Get jewellery insurance (trust us, this is one of those things your future self will thank you for). We recommend Jewelers Mutual. You can find them here
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