written by Mo
written by Mo

How to Guess Ring Sizes Without Her Knowing

So, you’re finally ready to pop the big question, now it’s time to figure out how to do it without raising suspicion.

This is where we come in, Engage (Super) Studio to the rescue!

We’re going to teach you how to guess her ring size and have her be none the wiser.

Let’s start our guesstimation from the stock ring size which is a 6.5. The most common ring sizes for women are between a 5 and 7 and there are a couple of factor’s that’ll affect which size you go for.

hand type illustration

The first thing you need to know is that there are 3 basic hand types that will determine whether to size up or down when deciding between a couple of ring sizes.

(You might have to lovingly gaze at her hands a couple of times to figure hers out) 

The Hand Types

Guessing by Hand Type

The first of the three hand types is the “finger size”.

This hand type is widest at the bottom, so when deciding between sizes, it’s best to size up.

finger size hand type
knuckle size hand type

The second type is the “knuckle size”. This hand type is widest at the knuckle, so when deciding between sizes your best bet is to size down because you need a size just big enough to squeeze past the knuckle but not too big that it’ll be loose and swivelling at the base of her finger.

The third category of hand types is what we call the “neutral size”, this hand type is pretty much the same width along the whole finger.

 For this hand type when deciding between sizes, you can afford to go up or down depending on personal preference. Would she want a looser or tighter fit?

Insider Tips

Besides figuring out her hand type, we’ve got some other tips to help you figure out her size.

  1. Don’t trust online sizing tools, we have had multiple clients try this and found them to be VERY inaccurate.
  2. In the same vein, it’s important to note that shoe and finger size are NOT the same thing.
  3. Let us know if she’s left or right-handed, her dominant hand will affect her ring size.
  4. If she wears any other rings, borrow them from jewellery box & bring them in.
  5. Sneak some pictures of her hands and body- if we know if she’s more slender or curvy we can also use this information to form a more accurate guess.
  6. Sometimes it takes a village, so don’t hesitate to ask her family or friends for intel (feel free to swear them to secrecy).
  7. When in doubt, size up because it is anti-climactic if you can’t get it on her finger.

    Don’t worry if you don’t get it perfect. Our jewellers can size up or size down annddd it’s all covered under your warranty with us!

  8. Ultimately the easiest way to know her ring size is to come into our store with her. Fun fact: 50% of our couples design their engagement ring together!
ring sizer

Where We Come In

The great thing about working with us at Engage Studio is that you have the opportunity to work with a husband-and-wife team, this means that you get the unique experience of having both a male and female perspective. Ji and Mariam, your personal consultants would be more than happy to help you figure out her ring size and get you across the finish line! 

Contact us today to get started on your ring journey.

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