written by Jessica
written by Jessica

How to Hack the 4 C’s — An Insider’s Guide

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Hi there! Glad you found us. 

If you are someone in the 99% that wants to buy diamonds the exact way the diamond industry wants you to buy them, PLEASE DO NOT READ ON. HOWEVER, if you want to learn how to hack the 4C’s to your benefit, then please continue…

We are excited to introduce you to the 4C’s and breakdown all the hype. 

Most likely, it’s a very exciting point in your life right now. You found your person. Your person found their person…(it’s you). 

Love is in the air. 

We love to celebrate romance at Engage Studio and want to start the conversation of what to do next on your journey.

Let’s forward on...

natural oval diamond

A diamond is not your only option, but if you are looking for a diamond, it is good to know exactly what you are getting into.

So when it comes to diamonds, you will hear the term “The 4C’s” a gazillion times. DON’T GET INTIMIDATED. Instead of being overwhelmed by all the info out there, we have provided you with a series of videos to make this process super chill. 

We are also only one call away if you have any questions.

So what do the 4 C's stand for?

4Cs concept illustration


Carat. Clarity. Color. Cut

Let’s ease you into them with 2 very important things you need to know. Muy importante.

#1 The 4 C's are an outdated concept.

It was created 100 years ago, in the 1940s. The 4 C’s is an oversimplified concept. It’s a covert way of looking at over 200 characteristics when it comes to diamonds. The 4 C’s are a broad concept, you want to treat them BROADLY.

#2 The 4 C's are mostly marketing concepts.

They were created with the intention to sell more diamonds. One company owned 90% of the diamonds and as a result, they had a lot of influence on how the diamond industry was portrayed. AKA..they were ricchhhhh and had a lot of power.

De beers, a british company was ingenious in the marketing that surrounds everything we know about diamonds today. BUT IT WAS JUST MARKETING. They capitalized off of the concept that you should strive to be a diamond and that diamonds are only for those in high society — But clearly this is false. 

Join us as we peel off the marketing layer. (Starting with Carat & Clarity).

A huge part of this is so you can truly figure out what is important for you when buying a diamond. What is important for you might not be important for someone else. We are here to help you figure out what makes sense for you, and help make the ring into a symbol that is meaningful to your love journey. 

Excited to get to know you better! Talk soon.

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