written by Mo
written by Mo

MythBusters: Custom Engagement Ring Edition

Hey there!

Did you know that here at Engage Studio we specialize in creating custom engagement rings as unique as your love story?

There are a lot of misconceptions about custom jewelry that make people lean more towards off the rack rings, but I’m here to bust all those myths with all the facts!

There are five main myths  people believe about the process of getting a custom made engagement ring. Let’s jump right into debunking them.

Myth #1: "I'll pay a custom fee"

Truth: This isn’t necessarily true. It’ll cost you more to do custom with someone whose sales model is inventory based because its more effort for them, so their preference would be that you buy their stock. This leads to them increasing their price margins to encourage inventory purchases.

On the other hand, our model is custom, this is what we do. That means we’re not going out of our way to create a one-off custom piece only for you – it’s our M.O.

What’s more, because we work with all materials, we can work backwards from your budget.

Myth #2: "If I dare to create, it won’t turn out the way I want."

Truth: We have a very unique process that ensures the finished ring isn’t the first version you see. 

We break the process down into tiny steps and you have the opportunity to sign off on every step.


We wrote all about the process behind this gorgeous champagne diamond ring we created for a client – from ideation to execution.

Check it out here!

Myth #3: "If I go custom and she doesn’t like it, I'm stuck."

Truth: If you’re skeptical about designing alone we have a couple of options to make sure you can propose AND get her the ring of her dreams, killing two birds with one sparkly stone.

  • Option 1: Replica Loan- We can loan you a replica from our showroom as a placeholder and you can come back and design with her after the proposal
  • Option 2: Design with her! (check out the next myth)

Myth #4: "I need to design it alone"

Truth: 50% of our clients design together!

She can be part of the process and it doesn’t have to ruin the surprise because the timeline can be a surprise, the proposal date can be a surprise and you can decide how involved you want her to be. 

You definitely won’t be the first client to excuse their partner after the initial consultation or CAD viewing!

Myth #5: "A custom ring will take forever"

Truth: Our typical turnaround time is 6-8 weeks but we can work backwards from a date because we do everything locally in Toronto with our own manufacturers.

By now I hope I’ve shown you that custom really is the better option!

If your partner is one of a kind don’t you think she deserves a ring that is too?

Ready to create your custom ring? Fill out the form below to get started!

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