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written by Brooklyn

Best Diamond Alternatives for Engagement Rings

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Yayyy, You’re back. 

Today, we want to dive into the jewelry sweet spot. Where luxury and “Oh my goodness, that is in my budget” meet. 


Intertwine, and fall madly in love. 

We’re talking about how you can get a $20,000 ring for $3,000 or less. You might be thinking that’s impossible, but just wait.

We’re going to show you some of our favourite diamond alternatives that’ll help you get your dream ring without breaking the bank.


In fact, it’s quite fabulous— and it’s legal.

purpose of image is to emphasis you can get what you want legally

Let’s go, shall we?

In the jewelry industry, you may think of a diamond as the standard option because of its well known reputation, BUT how do you know a diamond is truly what you want if you haven’t seen it next to other options?

Diamond Sapphire Moissanite Topaz comparison

There are two factors that will help you consider if a stone (other than a diamond) is right for you. The first would be if you are attracted to a big stone. The 2nd is if you want more of an elaborate design.

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Other than these factors, you might just like the shine of a non diamond better.

Let’s look at the top 3 options our clients seem to love the most.

#1 - Moissanite

Moissanite stone

Moissanites are more of the romanticists. Their sparkle gives off a warm hue where you can see so many colors reflected out like a rainbow. It is the closest thing to a diamond without being a diamond—it’s a gemstone. Moissanite consists of silicon carbide which is found in nature but only in trace elements.  And since the quantities are so small in nature, moissanites are not mined, they are lab created.

If you take a look at a moissanite and a diamond, to most people, the look is very similar in the way that they shine and sparkle. But compared to a diamond, a moissanite reflects more color. A lot of our clients actually love moissanite over a diamond for that reason.

Diamond compared to Moissanite

Take a look at these two rings below.

Diamond ring with side stones vs Moissanite ring with side stonescomparison

This ring with a moissanite center stone goes for about $2,000 to $3,000. If you are looking for this ring as a diamond, it would go for $10,000-15,000.

(Moissanite designs)

#2 - White Topaz

White Topaz Stone

White Topaz finds itself as the modernist. Out of all the stones mentioned, White Topaz is the most pure. With this stone, you can see internally into the stone with the naked eye. It is completely transparent and a hidden gem in the industry– pun definitely intended. One thing we have found is that with a blind test, a lot of people gravitate towards this stone. With white topaz you can get a very large stone for a very reasonable price. For example, if it’s a $20,000 mined diamond, you can get the equivalent for about $300 with a white topaz.

(White Topaz designs)

White Topaz Ring
White Topaz Ring

#3 - White Sapphire

White Sapphire Stone

We consider this stone the individualist. White sapphire is actually the one stone that is truely white. It does have sparkle but you are going to see more white reflected out of the stone opposed to moissanite or white topaz. We are all familiar with the popular blue sapphire but white sapphire is a top choice among these more traditional colored stones for a diamond alternative. White sapphire is not only the whitest out of these stones but it is also the hardest of these alternatives (along with moisanite). All of these mentioned are intentionally chosen as alternatives because they are hard and won’t chip as easily as a cubic zirconia (CZ) or a Swarovski crystal, for instance. 

With a white sapphire, you are looking around the $3,000 dollar range for a look with a diamond that would be up to $20,000.

(White Sapphire designs)

White Sapphire Ring
White Sapphire Ring

When it comes down to it, we have found that a hand crafted ring with high quality ingredients is going to look a lot better than a mass produced ring that has diamonds just for diamond’s sake.

In a nutshell, the best thing to do is...


Discuss your budget with your personal consultant.


Dream up your wishlist.


Let us show you all your options.

Diamond Moissanite white Sapphire white topaz stone comparison
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